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Ordered me a FR8 rifle. It is a short 308 Spanish Mauser. I’ll talk about that more later when I get it. I’ve wanted one in the past but I heard the (incorrect) rumor that you are not suppose to fire full power 308 in them so I passed up several nice rifles. It will be fun for me since it is a caliber I already stockpile, I could shoot the cheap blue plastic ammo I have in it, and the barrel is already threaded so I can use my silencer on it. I’m hoping it will be as fun as I want it to be.

I previously talked about making a 80% Sig P320 receiver and I wrote a little about. At the time I purchased it I did not know that the manual safety models require a special cut frame, and I wanted to see if it was possible to build out a frame with just a hand drill, Dremel, and files. I broke down and ordered another 80% receiver with the safety cut and I’m make this one a little nicer. I intend to document the work process this time.

These P320s are growing on me. I still think the Glock is better, but it is fun to play with something else at times.

I found out that Danish military bought custom Sig P320 pistols, and that some (maybe contract overrun) slides are being sold at Osage County Guns. So as a side project I am working on building a clone of this Danish P320. The slide is suppose to arrive Monday.

As they say, a fool and his money are soon parted.


  1. Re blue ammo, did you mean the AM 308 training rounds from Dynamit Nobel (I think)?

    Those look interesting. Given the light “bullet” weight and short range, I wonder if they’d be useful for a home defense application. Please let us know how they work for you.

    • Yup.
      IIRC the rims are slightly undersized compared to normal 308, so I tended to have a hard time extracting it from my 308 semi-auto rifles.
      It has a full powder charge, so it is all bang and no bite.
      I recall the accuracy being terrible. So while it might be good for popping birds and rats(if you could hit them), I wouldn’t try using it in any sort of life and death scenario.

      • Thanks!

        But … You mean it isn’t super accurate out to 300 meters (as one website advertising it promises)?

        I’m shocked – shocked I tell you!

  2. congrats.
    true, will fire .308 noprob, saffa surplus ok.
    just fingertighten that lower tube.
    now get the sling.
    minimachete bolobayonet optional, as are riflegrenades (according to local laws)

    front sight is fiddly.

    double towel on yer shooting shoulder.


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