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9 thoughts on “A Super .38 That Has Seen Better Days”

  1. Looks to me like sweat damage from being used as a carry piece. The slide touches more of the holster than the frame.I have a couple of guns that look like that. Even daily cleaning isn’t enough to keep my Alien-grade sweat from pitting steel. Or aluminum. And I have a stainless gun with a visible fingerprint etched in…

    I like the grips. Anyone know who made them, or are they likely customs?

      • Yes, you can tell they’re plastic by just looking at the detail photos of them and the lack of real grin flow/lines on them.

    • Spread some Ballistol on your gun. It neutralizes corrosive fingerprint oils. I go through a bit of this stuff in my shop, as my fingerprints are very corrosive on newly-machined steel. I often just wipe some onto my hands when handling a gun during strip/reassembly.


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