Rhodesian Brushstroke Hawaiian shirt


Rhodesian Brushstroke Hawaiian shirt

We all love vintage Camouflage, and now you can Slot some commies for mommy in this one of a kind Rhodesian Brushstroke x Hawaiian Shirt! These shirts will be a little larger from the last batch of m81 due to customer feedback. Final product will have black buttons. Custom made for Florida Man Tactical/The Luau Project! Pre-orders will last for 3 weeks until September 15th, by that time we need to reach at least 100 orders, otherwise, we will not meet the order minimum and all orders will be cancelled and refunded.

Once pre order ends we will not do any refunds. These shirts will be subject to a 4-6 week lead time once the order is place. Please add 2 - 4 inches to your body measurements when selecting your size.



  1. I ordered when this email first came out. Just checked—no longer on the website and no update from “Florida Man.”

    What gives? Do you have contexts over there who can update us?


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