Here we are again.


As of today US Military, Government and Law Enforcement personnel have been continuously deployed domestically and globally for over 6,938 Days beginning with Operation Noble Eagle on 14 September 2001

That’s something to think about isn’t it? A permanent war footing for 19 years with no real end in sight for the two ForeverWars. There are people who will die over 9/11 that weren’t even born when it happened. And does anyone feel or think we “won”? I would submit to you that the attack has achieved success above and beyond it’s original goal.

I won’t even bother with the list of abuses to our freedoms by our own government that is as long as the list of people who died on this date. A list of abuses that continues even as you read this and will continue no doubt.

Who in the hell even completely believes the .gov’s narrative about the day and it’s causes anymore anyway? I don’t. I hope you all have enough sense not to swallow the party line either.

The things lost over “some people doing some things” is hard to make yourself think about. It’s too depressing. I talked to some guy who was about 1 year old when it happened last night. It’s hard for younger people to believe the things you could do pre 9/11 that no one thought anything about. Things that would now end up with a visit from police at the least.

It’s a yuuuuge Black Pill to swallow. But it’s important to take that pill every year so we can all remember that those 3,000 people weren’t the only things lost forever 19 years ago.


  1. No kidding
    They would have chased some poor bastard that owes back taxes or back child support to the wilds of maine,but they just couldn’t put together the hijackers plans.
    Yeah right

  2. What makes me more furious than anything is the number of young men we’ve lost (dead, maimed, injured, mentally affected, etc) on this pointless and stupid intellectual masturbatory idea from a bunch of Ivy League elitists that we were going to convert a bunch of people who adhere to a savage, seventh-century way of life born in the Arabian desert to thinking like a bunch of 18th century Scotsmen in during the Scottish Enlightenment.

    We could sooner teach pigs to fly.

    And then we who know something of history had to listen to a bunch of idiot Jews and Catholics tell us that “what Islam needs is a ‘reformation’,” when that “reformation” has already occurred and the result was AQ, ISIS/ISIL, etc, we’re told that ‘we don’t know what we’re talking about.’ Yea, that’s rich. Jewish or Catholic eggheads telling actual Protestants that we don’t know what happened during the Reformation. Right. Got it.

    One of the principles of the Reformation was sola scriptura, meaning that Christianity should be defined by the “text alone” – ie, a textual analysis of the Bible – not some “Catholic inside baseball” set of trading cards.

    Well, AQ, ISIS, et al all hewed to the textual interpretation of the Qur’an, Hadiths and Sira. Islamic scholars will tell you that you cannot practice, much less define, Islam by the Qur’an alone – you must bring in the other two texts. And in the other two texts, you will find, during a plain reading, that you’re supposed to kill non-believing people, especially any Jews you come across. And you’re supposed to kill them by beheading them. Islam had its ‘reformation’ prior to WWII, after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. What we’re seeing today is the result of that Reformation now getting a hearing on the Islamic ‘street.’

    Our foreign policy “elites” know squat about Islam. And so, we’ve been engaged in a low-grade war by pointless, self-defeating tactics with Muslim hard-liners, trying to get the Islamic world to believe that we’re not going to put up with their worldview, for 19 years now. Sadly, because our “elites” don’t know squat about Islam or the Islamic mindset, they don’t understand that carefully agonizing about collateral losses and trying to not cause offense doesn’t impress Muslims a whit.

    The times when the Islamic street has been its most quiet have been the times we’ve gone in to kill someone and made no apology about it. When we do this, we are being bin Laden’s “strong horse” – and we make far better headway than when we debase ourselves to the Islamic world.

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