Black Collar Arms Forged Carbon Fiber Components


Austin, TX (09/07/2020) — Originally developed as a joint effort between Lamborghini and Callaway Golf Company, the forged carbon fiber process can produce complex shapes one-third the weight of titanium, yet stronger. Partnering with manufacturing company McVick, Black Collar Arms is excited to bring the world of forged carbon fiber components to a firearm near you.

Available first are Forged Carbon Fiber One-Piece Scope Mounts in 30mm and 34mm ring sizes. Despite weighing in at a scant 5.2 ounces, these forged carbon fiber scope mounts are as stiff and rigid as if they were machined from steel (three times stiffer than aluminum!) with just 1/6th the thermal expansion of aluminum.

These are the most rigid scope mounts on the market and maintain flawless zero in any condition. As if the gorgeous carbon fiber aesthetic wasn’t enough!

Forged Carbon Fiber One-Piece Scope Mounts are the first in an upcoming line of forged carbon fiber components currently being designed by Black Collar to be manufactured by McVick exclusively for Black Collar. Expect further optic mounting solutions plus other accessories and components, including AR-15 parts.

Quality is extremely high, but current production capacity is low. Mount availability will be rather limited with small batches arriving at Black Collar weekly while we gradually invest in increasing capacity.

Despite the limited and exclusive nature of the Forged Carbon Fiber One-Piece Scope Mounts and their physical advantages over aluminum mounts, not to mention their drop-dead gorgeous looks, MSRP is in-line with other premium scope mounts.

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  1. OK, so think about this for a sec:

    Imagine AR uppers and lowers made from this process. And the front tube..

    And then ponder a carbon-fiber wrapped barrel under tension.

    Imagine a 6.5mm mid-power round in an AR platform, pushing a (eg) 140 grain bullet at 2800 fps (give or take) that weighs 4 lbs without the ammo? Yea, it’s going to slap your shoulder a bit for recoil, but if you have a proper testosterone level, there shouldn’t be any whinging about it.

    (Queue up John Lennon singing “Imagine” – “Imagine your rifle weighs nearly nothing / It’s easy if you try…”)

    • I could love such a thing.

      I have an irrational love of the 6.5 Grendel cartridge. I don’t own one. Yet.

      And I have an irrational love of lightweight rifles.


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