“Allegedly” Antifa arsonists are setting the wild fires on the west coast


Mounting evidence is starting to indicate the wildfires being are being set by antifa/BLM/Communist activists.


In June, Acord led a Black Lives Matter march in Seattle. Previously in 2014, Acord was caught with a cache of weapons and arrested during the Ferguson Decision Protest. Officers found the man carrying a 7-inch knife in his backpack, a box of ammunition, an assault rifle, a shotgun, and a box full of illegal fireworks in his car, according to a KOMO news report. When officers contacted Acord, he admitted to carrying a loaded gun without a permit.

Emergency radio chatter about possible suspects

West of Eugene


Wesley Marcello Reed: 39, of Red Bluff was arrested Friday and charged with arson of a structure or forest land. No bail was set.

More arsonists






Reminder that these fires have killed people



  1. Lightning strikes started nearly 600 fires in California on August 17 and 18, locally they started the LNU Complex fire which burned more than 350,000 acres…in total those lightning strike fires have burned well over 1.5 MM acres and counting.
    It’s no surprise the firebugs are starting more, copycat crazies are not uncommon.
    But no, it isn’t Antifa for the most part, do keep in mind that ANYONE who calls themselves ANTIFA is ANTIFA, they are anarchists, no?
    And if you like chaos any excuse will do.

  2. The Washington fires are more-or-less local to me. I’d be hesitant to blame them on Antifa and BLM coming over and setting them because there are areas a hell of a lot closer to Seattle that I think they’d have hit in preference. Man-caused? Yeah. Set by Antifa/BLM types? I dunno that I’d go there, without firm evidence.

    I will say that if any of those types get caught actually doing this, out here in Eastern Washington? God help the stupid bastards. We already hate the “206ers” with a contemptuous and automatic venom, just because of how they behave. Give us a real reason? It’ll be the three “S” solution, especially up where the fires are. That’s pretty much like Northern Idaho, politically, and there are a metric shit-ton of retired LAPD types up there who’re some of the most casually racist assholes I’ve ever met, especially the blacks. The locals ain’t much better, TBH. They catch some firebugs, and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to hear that they got stripped naked and herded into the flames. There are also an awful lot of old disused mineshafts for their vehicles to go into, possibly still occupied by breathing occupants.

    Western Washington? Yeah; I could see it. Up here? I wouldn’t advise it. You get caught starting fires, you won’t make it to the cops, and you’ll be praying for them to find you before the locals get done with your ass.

    • As a rule, criminals commit crimes near where they live. But some of these Antifa clowns have driven long distances to these riots. So who knows.

  3. On 9 September 2020 there were 4 arson fires ignited simultaneously in the city of Central Point Oregon at the same time an arson set fire was burning out of control destroying the towns of Talent and Phoenix Oregon. 3 persons dead at this time and 600+ homes destroyed 100’s of businesses destroyed. An additional fire was set outside of the city of Eagle Point Oregon which has expanded to over 30 thousand acres and is out of control. One arsonist was captured by the police, others are at large.

    If you see an arson in progress use whatever force necessary to stop or detain the arsonist.


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