AK-47 Artwork


“…it’s an AK-47 covered in dollar bills that sits in a case with a grenade that represents everything man has ever fought for that takes centre stage. In the see-through bullet clips materials including oil, cocaine, gold, blood, diamonds, seeds to make heroin and religious symbols can be found…”


  1. “seeds to make heroin”
    You mean kitchen variety poppyseed?
    Gotta wonder how far detached from reality these “artists” and people who report on their “work” are as to think common poppy is something alien and foreign. They probably have this idea that opiate production is something that happens only in the 3rd world labs using exotic ingredients like with cocaine.

  2. I wish I could have been a bald-faced liar and fraud and had a career as an artist. It would have been absolutely grand to be able to put a crucifix in a jar of urine and receive the approval and golf-claps of the urban sophisticates on the coasts, as well as their money for my next “artwork.”

  3. What a waste of a yugo. The artist’s sheer hypocrisy and inability to see how foolish this “statement” is angers me. Most sucessful “artists” that make trash like this usually have favorable views towards drug use, accept ridiculous sums of money for unskilled nonsense and live in protected isolation, played for by others. Greed, drugs and hedonism are standard in this world, yet they have the hubris to attempt a demonization of firearms. This piece is shallow and childish. Niet, rifle was fine.


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