Top Men Make Michael Forest Reinoehl Into A Good Commie


Michael Forest Reinoehl, who appeared to admit to murdering a Trump supporter last weekend in Portland in a Thursday interview with Vice, was shot dead by law enforcement later that evening as they attempted to arrest him in Lacey, Washington, located southwest of Seattle.

(AP Photo/Ted Warren)

According to Lt. Ray Brady of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement was in the area looking for a homicide suspect, and that the 48-year-old Reinoehl was seen exiting an apartment and entering a vehicle, according to the New York Times.

As they attempted to apprehend him, there was gunfire,” said Brady.

Once again Andy Ngo is right on it.

According to the Associated Press, Reinoehl pulled a gun during the incident, after a federal task force from the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service located Reinoehl.

AP Photo/Ted Warren

Trevor Brown, 24, who lives in a townhouse nearby, said he heard several shots fired before he looked out the window and saw as many as four police officers in the road, who fired three or four times. He then said he saw Mr. Reinoehl lying on the ground.

Jashon Spencer, who also lives not far away, said he was at home before 7 p.m. when he heard a large number of gunshots. “I just heard a whole bunch of pops,” Mr. Spencer said. “I ducked. I thought they were shooting in my yard.”

He said that he went out and saw a bloodied man in the street, and that he captured the scene on video. Later, a law enforcement officer could be seen attempting CPR. –New York Times


  1. How many of these “peaceful protests” could they completely roll up by just running outstanding warrants on these guys? This is crazy.

    I’d like to remind everyone that breathless “Potential for Violence” articles ran every day for 2 or so years of Tea Party protests that never left so much as a candy bar wrapper behind.


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