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Let’s Build a Magazine fed Spanish FR7

B-ARFCOM user GNRNR has an amusing thread going on over in General Discussion.

Because why not. Bubba already got his hands on this 1916 Spanish Mauser, let’s make it something cool. Something that takes a detachable, impractical sized magazine, in a barrel length that is almost too short. (But legal ATF man) for 7.62×51.

As it started next to a legit FR7. As you can see bubba gave it the bad touch. Bold trigger, turned down bolt, dumbass ported brake. Came with a tasco scope which I used to see if it was accurate and worthwhile to spend time on. Headspace was good with NATO gauges.

Barely fits

Choppy choppy

All contoured to match

Follow his adventures in needless gunsmithing below


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