This brought a chuckle. I get Mark’s reaction to the customer. God knows I have to deal with hatemail and idiots myself but Mark is honestly a bit of a prick and a smart ass that jumps with both feet as an instinctive response to anyone who doesn’t automatically slobber all over him with love. And honestly who knows how long that guy had been trying to get some CS service before he sent that message. Mark still makes some of the best stuff in the world and I will continue buying from him as always unless he goes off the deep end and comes out as a commie or some other unforeseen insanity.


  1. Hmmmm…..,isn’t it time for a little more hate mail columns?

    Seriously,should be a weekly thing if possible,they are entertaining as hell.

    This one a bit harder to enjoy as you mentioned we do not know the whole story behind said e-mails.

    • Hate mail comes in when I say something that twists panties. I havent said anything like that in a while so you get the odd one when some shithead stumbles across an older article

  2. HaHaHa
    Good stuff!
    Too many grown ass men are acting like little bitches.
    Atta boy Mark!
    I may order something even tho I don’t need it!

  3. Meh. It’s not that hard to set your emotions aside and give your customers decent service. If you don’t like customer service, consider dealing only wholesale.


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