New 2020 Colt Python Accuracy Testing Part 2

no the gun is not blue,it’s just the light

New Colt Python Accuracy Testing Part 1

I continue to scrounge ammo for testing and found a real treasure in an old pawn shop. The Winchester Western Super Match wadcutters. History died to make this test happen.

I shot from the bench using bags from 25 yards.

Too bad you can’t buy this ammo anymore.

Next was a load of .357 mag SWC. Again at 25 yards off bench& bags.

Below is 357Mag Fedral hi shok.

Another 357mag load below. This time a handload of WC from a deceased friend.

I played around with double action at 10 yards using the 357mag JHPs.

The new Python trigger is superior to the originals. I have not met anyone yet who I let try it give a different opinion. You will not be let down on that if it was a concern. That’s all I got for now, I will continue as soon as I gather up more ammo.



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