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“Two women were on the Lakeside Trail and heard an individual calling for help,” said Eugene Swalberg, public affairs coordinator for the Utah State Parks. “They found a 55-year-old man from Davis County who’d been injured, and they called 911.”

State parks personnel responded to the call, which came in around 10 a.m, and found a man about a mile from where he’d parked his car, and they suspect the man could have been gored by one of the island’s famous bison. The women and park rangers immediately began rendering first aid.

“He was certainly injured,” Swalberg said. “But there was no eyewitness, and we don’t know how long he’d been lying there. He certainly had injuries consistent with a goring, but it’s still under investigation, so we cannot definitively say that’s what happened.”

In addition to wounds that were “consistent with a goring,” the man had lacerations that also support being thrown by a bison.

“There was a hat near this individual and also some earbuds,” he said. “Was he running with earbuds and spooked a bison? That’s entirely possible. We just don’t know the circumstances, but he does have wounds and injuries consistent with a goring … and maybe if he was thrown, lacerations from the rocks.”

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