New AK74 upgrade kit?


If I understand correctly, the equipment show in this video is the new upgrade kit approved by use by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

There is a telescoping and side folding stock that can replace the fixed stock.

Cleaning kit goes into the pistol grip. Picatinny rails for the handguard. A flash hider to replace the muzzle brake. A new safety lever, and a railed top cover that locks in place with a take down pin. This cover has a replacement rear sight that appears to have a 100m setting and a BZO setting (300m I believe).

There is a new magazine with windows to show how many rounds remain. Glow in the dark inserts on the follower allows the user to see the round count at night.

If you are watching the video, you can turn on automatically generated captions in English to get a slight idea of what they are talking about.


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