It’s Now Just About Any Reason To Loot


Violence erupted once again in the larger of the twin cities last night, with video showing angry “demonstrators” burning down businesses, rioting and looting, following “misinformation” about the killing of a black homicide suspect. Rumors spread online said he had been killed in a police shooting, but really, he shot himself in the head, according to surveillance video.

Before watching the video below, be advised: It depicts a man shooting himself in the head, before a nearby officer rushes to his aid. Then off camera, bystanders can be heard accusing the cops of shooting the now-dead victim.

It later emerged that the man shot himself in the head as police were moving in to make an arrest. He had committed the murder just hours earlier, at around 2pm local time in a nearby parking garage

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said his officers were not involved in the suicide death, saying it was not officer-related.

“I will not allow to add more trauma to a city that’s still grieving from May 25,” referencing the death of George Floyd, whose death while in Minneapolis police custody sparked ongoing nationwide protests and riots.


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