It would always come to this


Authored by Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, ‘n Guns blog,

It would always come to this. At some point there would be a reckoning for BLM and Antifa.

The shootings in Kenosha, WI are a dividing line for America.

This is the moment where normal people finally said, “Enough. There will be consequences. “

This is a war between radicalized lunatics bathed in unquenchable envy and self-pity and those who refuse to act like victims.

But they are victims.

All of us are. On both sides of the divide.

We are victims of a vicious program to divide and conquer the U.S. through a culture war designed to dehumanize each other.

We fight among ourselves over scraps while the people who manipulated events to this point walk away laughing at the destruction.

They want the violence. They love it. They relish it. It brings them power and prestige.

To maintain their power, as the systems they’ve built fail, they have set us against each other: paid looters and rioters to become cannon fodder in their war against common decency, culture, communities and family.

All for control over the levers of political power.

In 2016 we tried to tell them, peacefully, enough was enough. We elected Donald Trump, of all people, to be our standard bearer. We did it the way we were taught was the right way, through the ballot box.

It was supposed to be the hallmark of our enlightenment, the peaceful transfer of power. It’s been anything but.

For four years we’ve endured a non-stop parade of political venality unmatched in modern history. The quest for regaining the power of the White House brooked no holds being barred.

And if Trump wouldn’t go willingly and we didn’t learn our lesson, then they would activate every cell to flood the streets with disaffected and nihilistic youths to loot and rob; using their outrageous sense of entitlement as fuel for their rage against a machine they are, unwittingly, the main cogs of.

But having watched one young man clear in his purpose to defend his town from roving thugs in Kenosha be forced (under clear conditions of self-defense) to kill two people is a dividing line we’re not coming back from.

Wars are only profitable for those that promote them. Those that fight the wars are the real victims. This kid, a hero by my personal reckoning, is also a victim and there’s no coming back from what he’s had to do.

Killing while justified is still killing. It scars you, no matter if you wear a blue uniform, fatigues or a green t-shirt.

The animals I see on the streets under the auspice of what the media calls ‘peaceful protests’ beating people to within inches of their lives for the crime of being white and defending their property have no humanity.

My livestock have more decency than these people.

And yet, in order for us to survive this dark period of history, we will still have to reach out to them and offer them peace and assistance back from the insanity that grips them now.

That will be the hardest thing for us to do, while also maintaining the resolve to do what we feel is necessary to preserve something of what we’ve built.

That is the dividing line for many of us.

Only you know where that limit is. There are a lot of people out there right now confronting that limit for the first time.

As my dad used to say, as NYPD, “I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.”

We are up against people who brook no limit on their behavior. Everything is justified in the pursuit of their righteous cause. You can see in it all the video footage.

And they know it. They know that we’d rather not fight back. That, unfortunately, to people empowered by the mob and turned into bullies, is misinterpreted as weakness.

Having humanity is not weakness. It is strength.

And nothing bursts the bubble of false bravado on display by Anfita/BLM at this point than strength of character, which defines limits, creates boundaries and establishes consequences.

The sad truth is that this is only the beginning of what’s to come. The line is crossed and from town to town, that line will be more difficult to assess than ever before.

The myth of policing is failing. There aren’t enough cops to quell these riots. The State has been revealed as their enablers.

The law has been used against property owners told they shouldn’t defend themselves or their businesses.

They’ve been afraid of being the ones who cross the line while the looters overwhelm the streets. That impulse will continue to wither. This anarcho-tyranny will not stand for much longer.

That’s what we saw it on the streets of Kenosha.

We’ll see more of it, until a new form of order asserts itself.


  1. The myth of policing is failing. There aren’t enough cops to quell these riots. The State has been revealed as their enablers.

    There are enough police. There are plenty of police. If they re-instituted past policies of shooting looters on the spot, the rest of the crowd would suddenly lose their enthusiasm for violence. If the police cracked down aggressively on the first night of these riots, the successive nights would be much tamer, or non-existent.

    But instead, we see in every city, in every instance, the rioters are given room to “express themselves” and start burning property. We see police take tepid and wan measures against the rioters who, when looting or engaging in actual arson of occupied buildings, should be shot on sight. When we see those who fight back against the rioters being arrested, it is the last nail in the coffin of the police.

    The police have chosen sides: The police are siding with the marxists. This isn’t a one-off grumble or accusation. This is an assessment taken from a pattern of behavior, starting with the idiotic protests back in 2009, and then the protests during the Obama years, and now during the Trump administration. Cities are now havens for marxists, because the police explicitly protect and defend marxists, and refuse to engage them when the marxists cause widespread destruction – except when ordered to ‘do something’ about it after the marxists scare some female politician by showing up around her home.

    As such, when the marxists say they want to ‘defund’ or ‘abolish’ the police forces, I strongly encourage people to agree with this agenda. Getting rid of the police means that the marxists will lose their enforcement arm, their blocking force in a street fight. Get rid of the police, and now it becomes a straight-up contest: Productive, sane people vs. marxist agitators and thugs. Without the police acting as guard for the marxists, without police acting as minions of Soros-bought DA’s and AG’s, the marxists are alone on the battlefield.

    • “There are enough police. There are plenty of police. If they re-instituted past policies of shooting looters on the spot, the rest of the crowd would suddenly lose their enthusiasm for violence.”

      I strongly agree, DG. I know I keep bringing up my own state, but we had a few nights of riots here. The governor declared an 8 pm curfew, let the actually peaceful “peaceful protestors” do their thing until 8, then the street came down to the cops and the rioters and the cops won. They didn’t need to make very many arrests or break many heads. I think they did use a fair amount of CS gas, but in the big scheme of things, nobody had to get out the belt feds or the 40mm HE rounds. A week later there was order and calm.

      This is purely a matter of will, and I think the blame is on the politicians more so than the cops.

      • Cops have, as their job, enforcement of the law. Period, full stop, end of discussion. We’ve established that cops do not have to protect any particular individual who is not in their custody.

        What is happening here is wholesale avoidance of doing their job. There are dozens to hundreds of felony-level crimes being committed in front of them on any given night in any of these large cities. There is no shortage of work to be done here as a cop. I’ll bet if they just started tracking Antifa/BLM clowns in their cars, they could write up tickets for illegal parking and get cars towed, en masse.

        What they’re trying to hide behind are orders from mayors and governors to “give the protestors room to express themselves.” OK, that’s nice. “express themselves” does not mean “commit recreational arson and looting.” Police chiefs are hiding behind this greasy excuse that they’ve been ordered to ‘stand down.’ Well, the politicians, most of them being lawyers, are issuing orders that have plausible deniability for the politicians – ie “I never told you to NOT enforce the law… just to give the protestors some ‘room to express themselves.’ ”

        So, a proper leader of law enforcement would think “OK, you want to play those games… we can play word games too.” Then go out and arrest felony-committing rioters and arsonists. When the politicians complain that too many ‘protestors are being arrested,’ the chief should ask, in public, at a news conference, “I’m sorry, did you want me to stand around while these ‘protestors’ burned our city down? You said to ‘give the protestors room’ – did you really mean ‘allow the protestors to commit felony crimes of wanton property destruction?” Back the politicians into a corner, on camera, in public. Make them squirm.

        The other thing that a chief who has a pair between his leg could do is arrest the politician(s). I’m talking of clowns like Ted Wheeler and “Mayor Jenny,” who are clearly in cahoots with the BLM/Antifa leaders. Charge these politicians with conspiracy to commit mayhem. There will almost certainly be a phone call on their phone records from someone in the rioter/protestor community, talking about ‘optics’ elections, OrangeManBad, and so on. That can be taken as evidence for the charge.

        There’s all manner of ways that police chiefs can push back on this situation. They’re not doing any of these things, because they have chosen a side.

        • Interesting comments. The other piece that the mayors have on their side is that all of Soros’s DAs are just going to turn these rioters back out without charges. This has been happening nationwide to very little media attention, and I don’t know what the cops can do about it.

          Perhaps if there were a police chief who had stones, there are things he can do, but that’s certainly a dying breed.

          Arresting Mayor Ted for conspiracy to commit arson or something would be hilarious.

  2. It seems crazy to me that mobs of violent lunatics can burn, pillage and rob for their own entertainment without any consequences, while those who oppose them instantly bear the force of the law.

    How many of the looters and thieves and arsonists are in jail in Kenosh right now?

  3. “ Having humanity is not weakness. It is strength.”

    …and war is peace, and freedom is slavery, and ignorance is knowledge, etc.


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