New Open Carry Holster For Your Sidearm



  1. Someone please explain the “Krinkov” appeal to me. I know “Krinkov” isn’t a real designation, I’m using it to describe a style of AK-74.

    I just don’t get it. I guess I’m too old, too square, too un-hip.

    • I’m with you, DG: AR pistols, AK pistols: I just don’t get it. I’ve never been able to figure out how to shoot one in a way that made any sense at all. Give me either a proper pistol or something with a proper butt-stock. Enough of this neither-fish-nor-fowl business.

    • More compact and more reliable than short barrel DI ARs. Can also fire with stock folded.

      Some like them because they shoot fireballs. I use the 4 piece brake on mine and a brace.

      Some places also allow car carry of pistols but prohibit rifles, etc. So basically good to great for stowing places vs a rifle, especially for those fighting out of vehicles.

  2. Unfortunately South Carolina is one of the last 5 States where open carry of a handgun is illegal.
    (There are exceptions like Florida, hunting or fishing and to or from said activity)
    But I can open carry a long gun. And I do have a concealed weapons permit.


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