Hate Mail!


The tolerant left has arrived.


  1. To be fair, he (and the other “comrades”) is certain he’s only being intolerant to bad ideas. He’s using the word “bad” in the subjective sense. He believes that all the destruction, blood and death we’re seeing is not bad, and that anyone that opposes it is bad.

  2. No offense to the site but how did they even find you? Just doesn’t strike me as there neck of the woods of the internet where they would just stroll in.

    • the website has a twitter, an instagram and a facebook page with 16,000 plus followers, everything posted here posts on all three and they get shared on social media. the FB page alone has a monthly reach of 4.2 million people. so how do you think they found it?

      • true. Just don’t picture then running in the same circles as your readership where they would see the shares/reposts. But obviously they do. Didn’t know about the twitter. Already got the FB and IG followed

        • some one that is a friend of a friend or a family member sees one of our posts on social media and shares it, some leftist sees it on their twitter or FB and follows the link back and shares it to their leftist friends so they can all get worked up into a froth over it, etc etc. its fine with me. its more clicks and traffic

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered someone before who recieved such lame hate mail.
    I’m almost embarassed for you, you certainly deserve a better quality of vituperation than you are getting.
    The state of the American education system must be worse than I thought…

  4. Ah, the left – showing the true extent of their education.

    They’ve been deluding themselves for decades that they can replace insight and penetrating analysis with idiotic slogans and high sound pressure levels.

    Here we see that it doesn’t work so well in print.

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