Bodycam Footage From Latest Police Shooting


From Zero Hedge

The latest police shooting footage that risks igniting another round of violent protests around the country (even as riots and attacks on local and federal infrastructure continue in Portland) has just been released by a Florida Police Department.

Several snippets of body camera footage released by the Sheriff’s office in Orange County, Florida, shows the slaying of Salaythis Melvin, 22, who was shot in the back after allegedly raising a firearm he had tucked in his waistband.

Critics say the footage clearly shows Melvin, who was armed with an illegal weapon stuck in his waistband at the time of the incident, was unjustly shot in the back, since he couldn’t possibly pose a threat to officers because he was running away “in a full sprint”.

The incident unfolded when police stopped a group of people outside the Florida Mall in Orange County. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said Melvin took off on foot, and was pursued by Orange County Sheriff’s Office Agent James Montiel.

Montiel allegedly called for Melvin to drop the gun tucked in his waistband, but Melvin kept running. At one point, Montiel said, Melvin appeared to reach into his waistband, pull the gun and start to turn, at which point Montiel drew his weapon and fired.

In one of the six videos released Tuesday by the sheriff’s department, one of the deputies can be heard referring to Melvin by a racial slur, a comment that has set off an internal firestorm and investigation.

At least four officers surround Melvin who is groaning in pain and handcuff him before administering first aid.

An ambulance took 8 minutes to arrive on scene.

Melvin family attorney Bradley Laurent told ABC News that the footage shows that he wasn’t a threat to the officers. Laurent, who has called for the release of the video for days, contended there is no indication that Melvin had his hand on his gun.

“When you look at the video, he was in a full sprint. He posed no threat to anyone,” he told ABC News.

It’s worth noting that Melvin, when asked to ditch the gun, decided to hold on to it. Unlike George Floyd, who was unarmed when he was killed by a Minneapolis PD officer, Melvin was armed with a deadly weapon, an illegal firearm.

The Sheriff’s Department has released a statement on the incident.


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