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2020 Kentucky Squirrel Season

It’s finally that time of year again. Tomorrow is opening day for Sqwacks here in God’s State. That means you can expect less posting from me on weekends and during weekdays some weeks depending on weather. I’ve really been looking forward to this year’s season. I really need the relaxation and distraction. I will post about it like I did last years of course.

Last week I finally found a Model 31 in 12 gauge. It had some rust that I have cleaned up and refinished the butt stock a bit with a coasting to protect it. The 31 is in my opinion, the finest sporting use shotgun that was ever factory made. I’m going to hunt with it opening day but I am pretty sure I will do most of my hunting with my beloved model 31 in 16gauge.

I think this is going to be a stand out year. Food is every where and I hear the squirrels barking in the mornings and evens none stop. The Pawpaw trees are also loaded down this year.

Just waiting for them to ripen up.

2 thoughts on “2020 Kentucky Squirrel Season”

  1. Is that the 31 with the split on the wrist? I see splits on the right side. It looks as tho friction tape had been used in the past to hold it together.

    It appears to me from where I’m sitting that there was a side-ways force applied to that gun – the “someone sat on it” kind of thing I referenced in my posting on wrist splits. The extent of the split and where they end makes it appear as tho there was a sideways force on the buttstock stud coming out the rear of the receiver.

    Given the condition of the splits, I don’t know how cleanly the splits can be repaired, but one can try. The buttstock has to be pulled off the receiver and the splits blown out with air (no more than about 40 PSI, and you’d really be better off with an air dryer on your compressor). The splits look extensive, and without seeing what the buttstock looks like pulled off of the receiver, I can’t add much more. I’m guessing the splits go clear down to the hole through which the stud on the back of the receiver goes.

    • it is the same one but that dark spot is oil stain that looks like a split in the photo, the split is a lot smaller and you cant see it unless you zoom in on it. i would accurately describe it as a hairline split.


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