Seattle Police Chief Resigns


Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best has announced her resignation, effective September 2nd, after the City Council voted to slash spending on the Seattle Police Department by roughly $4 million out of the department’s $400 million annual budget – or around 1%.

While the cuts may be largely symbolic – aside from the 100 or so of the city’s 1,400 police officers ,who will be laid off or not replaced through attrition – the move, which also reduced Best’s $285,000 annual salary, was enough to make her leave the force after 28 years with SPD.

And that is likely the real reason she resigned. I guess she found out for thr first time to be betrayed by the politician she herself voted for . That is the most amusing thing for me. All these democrat controlled cities burning down and the cops are upset over how they are being treated. They voted for the very same politicians that have them so pissed.

“To the Women and Men of the Seattle Police Department –    

I wanted to notify you that I will be retiring from the Seattle Police Department, effective September 2nd, 2020. I wanted you to hear this from me, but some media have reached this conclusion on their own.   

This was a difficult decision for me, but when it’s time, it’s time.”

Best, who in addition to trying to maintain order during the BLM protests while operating under a ban on tear gas, pepper spray and flash bangs, has been dealing with protesters showing up to her Snohomish County house. She also says she hasn’t been included in any city council discussions regarding budget cuts Whamp Whamp! Sad Trombone.

Hehe .Good one Pablo.

A press conference is scheduled for 11 a.m. Tuesday with Durkan and Best.

The approved cuts to SPD fall far short of the 50% cut demanded by Black Lives Matter protesters, while several council members said on Monday that the changes were a starting point in what will be a lengthy process to reshape policing and public safety, according to AP.

Hey folks, violent rioting, looting and destruction works better than voting for certain demographics.


  1. H.L. Mencken’s line about the public getting what it wants, good and hard? That comes to mind. Seattle is already a complete shithole due to poor governance, and I can’t see this improving it. My guess is that they’re going to lose most of their economic base in the next few years, and then it’s all going towards Detroit.

    Question I have is why nobody ever seems to note or acknowledge the damage these idiots do, or hold them accountable. Me, I look at the billion-plus dollars a year they spend on the “homeless” around the Seattle area every year, and I wonder… Why does nobody notice the problem just gets worse and worse, with no end in sight? They keep voting for these ineffectual dumbasses, and wondering why none of the promises they make ever come true…

    It’s amazing the reaction you get when you point this out to the average left-wing luvvy-duvvy types, though… You can watch the wheels turn, behind their eyes, but they never quite line up in a way that makes for the cognitive dissonance to resolve itself.


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