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Virginia Blocked Over 1,000 Handgun Purchases During First Month Of One-Pistol-Per-Month Regulation

A total of 1,102 people were denied handguns in Virginia in July, following the implementation of a new law that prohibits more than one pistol purchase per 30 days.

Roughly 59% of Virginia’s 1,877 total firearm denials were attributed to confusion about exactly when the first 30-day period began, according to data obtained by the Richmond Times-Dispatch. The policy, which Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam signed into law in April along with other gun regulations, took effect on July 1. However, the state had been tracking handgun purchases since June, the Dispatch reported.

“It was confusing,” Town Gun Shop Inc. President Mark Tosh told the local outlet. “I think it caught a lot of people off guard, because everybody thought, okay July 1, and now the clock starts ticking if you buy a handgun. If I buy one July 1, then by Aug. 2, I should be fine [to buy another].”

He continued, “But nobody knew they were going to go back into June. I think that’s why you saw so many denials.”

Other gun control laws pushed by Northam included universal background checks, a red flag confiscation bill and a host of storage laws. The one-per-month regulation is a reinstatement of a former ordinance passed originally in 1993 to prevent firearm stockpiling and dissuade gun trafficking, according to a press release.

The owner of Trader Jerry’s, one of Virginia’s largest federally licensed firearms dealers, Jerry Cochran, alleged the state concealed that the law was “retroactive.”

“They made it retroactive and did not tell us. That’s the deal,” Cochran told the Dispatch. “We had no idea. We could have asked [customers] if they had purchased a gun in June. The law does say 30 days, but everybody would have naturally assumed that it started July 1 — we all did.”

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