He Chipped The Porcelain


I’m not a fan or beleive in appendix carry but I’m not sure that is the only thing to blame here. It looks to me from the angle like some one ND’d while sitting on the toilet and I don’t know how the Appendix carry position could get the blame on that one. Thoughts?


  1. I can’t imagine walloping the porcelain hard enough to leave any kind of a chip, never mind a suspiciously bullet-shaped hole.

    I would bet you dollars to diamonds that something got into the trigger guard and pulled the trigger. “The dude’s finger” is where the long money is, but under the circumstances, it could have been a lot of things, like a draw string or a set of keys hanging on the belt.

    Ways to prevent this:
    – Get a good holster that completely covers the trigger guard.
    – Leave the pistol in the holster when you drop trou to use the john.
    – Leave the holster on your belt when you drop trou to use the John.

    And I’m with you: I’m not a fan of appendix carry, but how does it get the blame here?

  2. Not particularly a fan of it either but it is the only method that works without out an outer garment like a jacket for my frame. Everything else prints so obviously it may as well be open carry. So… I guess just make the best of it and be extra careful?


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