Winchester Model 52 Sporter


Winchester had a real hit on it’s hands when it came out with the Model 52 target rifle. Well known as one of finest , if not THE finest factory production target rimfires ever made. It wasn’t long before they developed the Model 52 sporter. A very fine and now very valuable rare variant. The way the sport came about it’s a pretty interesting story that is going to have to wait for another day. The 52 sporter above has a 10 Unertl mounted to it and the original Lyman peep sights.

I should note, that at one point USRAC ( Winchester) sold a “model 52 sporter” that was made in Japan, the same factory that made the later model 1885s and a few other guns deemed too expensive to make in the US. SO if you see a 52 sporter at a gun show make sure you take a close look at the roll marks. If you are used to seeing pre 64 winchester guns, you will know the look of the stock color and finish from those days. That nice dark reddish brown. The later made copies do not have that look and any experienced Winchester enthusiast can spot it from a mile away.


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