Intense Police Firefight



  1. Q1: I’m wondering why the officers didn’t pull extra magazines for their carbines when they deployed with them, because it’s pretty clear that they’ve been trained to send such a fusillade downrange with a semi-auto, the most charitable assessment is that they’re trying to use full-auto suppression-fire tactics with a semi-auto. Christ, I wonder what carnage would result if we gave cops full-auto weapons?

    Q2: So, is it also that LEO’s not only don’t train with handguns, they don’t train with long guns either? Sheesh. All those high-velocity rounds, going downrange in a crowded neighborhood. I wonder how many people’s buildings and cars will be ventilated by all that trigger-slapping? If they’re going to shoot that wildly, why not pull a riot gun from the car and send a few rounds of buckshot downrange?


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