How to Get Into Night Vision

How to Get Into Night Vision

Night vision is an incredibly awesome tool that is becoming increasingly popular in the shooting, hunting, and law enforcement communities.  Although night vision is incredibly fun and useful, it can be intimidating to get into.  There are tons of options, terms, and misinformation that makes it difficult for the consumer, whether a professional end user or a enthusiast, to decide what they need and how much it should cost.

Night vision gives users the ability to see in the dark. This is accomplished with image intensifier tubes.  These tubes are manufactured in two general categories of finished goods, clip-on night vision and helmet mounted night vision.  Under these two broad categories there are tons of options with vast ranges in price.  However, these two broad categories have two basic subcategories, the housing and tube or tubes.  Essentially the housing is what you see on the outside.  The housing is the “model” of your night vision.  Then your tube or tubes are installed into the housing to give your unit life.  We will break it down in a few categories that buyers should keep in mind when deciding what night vision.

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  1. Thanks for the info.,the biggest thing holding me back(and am sure many) is the cost.Really,does get pricey when you add in mounts/helet ect. along with options like green/white and then mono/binoc ect.

    I have the monies to buy said unit,just looking at all options and wondering which are best choice for the average citizen who is not on a HRT team ect. but just trying to survive the day(or night in this case).


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