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3 thoughts on “Conscription”

  1. You’ll find that same face on most senior NCOs in any army, at some point. Even the most selectively recruited professional armies attract their share of those who really shouldn’t have been allowed to “Be All that They Can Be”. Mostly because all that they can be is what a friend of mine described as food for the rifles…

    • The last couple months I see all the old Green Berets/ SOG vets I’m friends with constantly posting that antifa and BLM and the trannys and assorted freak should be drafted to straighten them up. I get a chuckle out of that. It’s tempting to ask them if they would really be ok with being out in the jungle with one of those retards. I know the answer to that. I sure wouldn’t. I wouldnt even want one of them directing traffic at a one car funeral procession


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