Misc Chatter 20200726


Mossberg is running a sale on their FLEX accessories, so I picked up a short LOP stock for my M500A2 MEK. Also went ahead and picked up an optics rail.

I much prefer this gun with the fixed stock over the pistol grip or collapsible stock.

I got to play around a little with a PSQ-18A day/night sight for the M203. Quite frankly, it sucks. I’ll talk more about that later.

I have a simple little trigger pull weight gauge. Nicely enough, the 80% Sig P320 receiver I made has a pound lighter trigger pull than the surplus Sig M17 I have.

I’ve been taking advantage of the increased demand in guns to sell off some of the stuff I am not using. Who knows what is going to happen next? Next week the panic might subside, or things might get worse.


  1. I liked Mossbergs modular concept with that shotgun design.

    The PSQ-18 was pretty useless. My light infantry battalion had them and they were never used. I have been looking for a like new, complete example for my SOPMOD collection. You could find them all day long for about $150 there for a while. You don’t see them too often now. And, when you do see them, it is usually just the sight.


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