Knife Behind M1916 Holster


I don’t know if you have ever noticed this or it never was something that caught your eye. If you look at a lot of photos and footage from WW2 up through Vietnam, you will see the practice shown above. I’m talking about the knife or bayonet directly behind the holster for the sidearm. The idea of having your knife right where you are used to drawing your side arm from is a good idea.

A lot of people have speculated on how this was pulled off. Well. you can see below.


  1. You post this after I saw a pic last night of a WW2 paratrooper gear load out that had a 1918 trench knife mounted behind the holster.

    • This seems to have been a pretty common practice among the early paratroopers issued the mark 1/m1918. I assume Either due to the original scabbard being a funky sheet metal job or the ability to make use of the available real estate. Always dug the look too.

  2. Run mine directly to the rear of my holster’s molle attachment on my battle belt… Works best with a slightly drop leg mount, which is what you see in the first pic.

    Also have a multi-tool forward further to the front the holster.


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