Swedish M38


A bit of a departure from Karl today( www.KGBcustom.com). Instead of a handgun it’s a nice small ring Mauser from Sweden. Mauser guys will know.


  1. The Swede M96 and M38’s are some of the most competently made battle rifles of all time. The M38’s were a joint Swede/Norwegian effort, made by Husky.

    Husky’s Mauser actions were some of the best made in terms of steel and workmanship. You can find Husky Mauser actions on the cheap in post-war sporting rifles – some chambered in ’06 – for sale very reasonably (under $400) with poor bores, etc, but good actions. A beginning gunsmith who wants to make a good rifle on a Mauser action could do far worse than start with a Husky action. The steel, as I said, is wonderful stuff. The late-war German Mausers sometimes have really dubious steel.

    Husky made some cost-reduced Mauser-style action rifles in the 60’s which are also very good starting points for a custom rifle. For some reason, the market doesn’t love these rifles. That’s absolutely fine with me.

    The Swede CG-63 and CG-80 rifles are on my bucket acquisition list. They are some of the finest military match rifles ever made.

  2. I have s 6.5×55 in a Mauser 98 action. One of my mates at the pistol club has an M38 and it’s a fabulous rifle. I intend to get one one day.


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