More Glock 44 Problems


Reports of the G44 having serious issues continues to come in. This time a reader commented with his experience with one and was good enough to send pictures in.

I just had a G44 blow on me at the range yesterday. Same basic issue as the other photos I have seen on the internet. The pistol either shot out of battery or cooked off a round. The ball is still stuck in the barrel.
It fired 4 rounds before the event, which caused hot gas and particles to blow back in my face and shooting arm.
Back home, I stripped the piece. The chamber entry was damaged. I could not put a round into it. I found a hairline crack along the left side of the slide, similar to other photos I have seen. The extractor and rod were still in place, however.
I contacted the Glock Legal Department today and will go from there. If this website owner contacts me, I will send photos. I took about 50 hi-res shots.
After 40-plus years in the military and LE, my personal opinion is there is a manufacturing issue with the composite slide. I am not confident in a replacement 44. I have asked Glock for a refund.
BTW, I have carried G19s and G22s professionally, and have never had any issues with them. Overall, I am still fond of Glocks, but IMHO they screwed the pooch with this one.”


  1. Shawn,

    Thanks for posting.

    Just as a follow-up, I have contacted Glock Legal and asked for a refund. I’m sure they will resolve this eventually, but they need to move before someone gets injured, IMO.

    I am waiting for a reply from Glock. After I get one, I’ll send you an update. I’d ask for a replacement piece, as the pistol is under warranty, but I don’t want to get the same failure-prone product in exchange.

    A I said earlier, I like Glocks, carried a G22 professionally as a SC State Constable. I hope Glock will step up to the plate here, as it were.

  2. Has anyone checked Gaston for a pulse lately? The Glock 44 is underwhelming on every level, and the recent resizings of the Glock 17/19 are the very definition of “not innovative.” The last interesting thing Glock did was the 43 (compact single-stack 9mm), and that was years ago and years late to the compact single-stack party.

  3. Perhaps Glock should have made the slide out of aluminum like most .22 pistols instead of plastic like an airsoft.


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