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The SOG “green hornet” Amphetamine pill

Yes that is meth pills issued out to US Army Special Forces. KNown as “Green Hornets” or Green Beanies”, these were a common item issued out to SOG 1-0 team leaders and medics. When things were grim or when a mission required 24 hours of increased stamina, a recon team leader would give them out. This image was shared in the SOG vet’s group last night. The SOG recon guys had many comments which I posted below individually. No names with quotes this time.

Been There … Done That … and survived because of it …

..Never give one to a yard. ( the indigenous team members-Shawn)

Then sleep through debrief and the next two days.

Helped keep me alive.

Great going on. Terrible coming off.

made people bitchy🤣

As a medic in the early 60s, we had access to Dextroamphetmine Spansules to give to team members when needed.

I took them a lot at CCS. I liked them a bit too much. I guess, I was addicted. I caught malaria, and (I assume) I detoxed and recovered from malaria. I almost died. I’ve never used them since.

It was speed plain and simple. Kept you going and alert although it made you jumpy after a while. When you came down though it was a total crash. I remember coming back into garrison once and sleeping for 22 hours straight. One of my buddies told me I got up to pee but I don’t remember it.

Some times we would gather at a couple of bars just outside of Naha located in Naminoui area where some girlie bars were located. Groups would gather together and often, you had to take a Green Hornet just to get into the conversation. or the panties lol

First time I took one, I felt nothing right away and said to myself, “These things don’t work.” Then, about 20 minutes later…Wow!

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