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Savage Left Hand Precision Model 110 Rifles

WESTFIELD, Massachusetts – July 15, 2020 – In keeping with its long tradition of supporting southpaw shooters, Savage is pleased to announce the debut of new left-handed models of their dynamic Precision Series rifles. New Model 110 Elite Precisions will be available this summer, making precision long range shooting accessible to any left-handed marksman.

“Savage has built an extensive catalog of left-handed firearms, quite possibly the largest in the industry.” said Beth Shimanski, Director of Marketing for Savage Arms. “Our customers come to expect it from us and these new Precision rifles once again demonstrate our commitment to serving all of our customers, equally.”


The 110 Elite Precision has changed the way shooters think of off-the-shelf rifles. The Model 110 action rides in an Adjustable Core Competition chassis from Modular Driven Technologies (MDT). From its full-length ARCA rail to its nitride coatings, this is a rifle built for a lifetime of Elite Precision.

• Savage factory blueprinted action
• MDT ACC aluminum chassis with fully adjustable stock
• ARCA Rail along the entire length of the chassis
• Stainless steel, flash nitride target receiver
• Titanium Nitride bolt body
• 1.5-4 lb user-adjustable AccuTrigger
• Self-timing taper aligned muzzlebrake (short action calibers only)
• MDT Vertical Grip and AICS magazine


The 110 Precision pairs Savage’s legendary 110 action with a LSS XL chassis designed by the accuracy experts at Modular Driven Technologies. The 110 Precision is fully customizable. From the adjustable comb height and length of pull, to the capabilities of its AccuTrigger™, this aluminum-framed rifle is built for long-range accuracy and uncompromising performance.

• Savage factory blueprinted action
• Matte black carbon steel heavy barrel, threaded 5/8-24
• MDT LSS XL Chassis with FDE Cerakote
• Exclusive skeletonized stock with fully adjustable comb height and length-of-pull
• 1.5-4 lb user-adjustable AccuTrigger
• 20 MOA 1–piece EGW rail
• AICS magazine
• BA Muzzlebrake

Learn more at www.savagearms.com.

3 thoughts on “Savage Left Hand Precision Model 110 Rifles”

  1. Left handed rifles,sigh…..,pandering socialist justice warrior nonsense!Lefties make up a very small minority of society and this “affliction” can be cured,just use your right hand like normal people!

    I know,folks say they would not do this if there was not a demand but I see it as just a tax right off while gaining social justice points.I suppose in the name of social justice we should all start driving on the wrong side of the road like many countries do,sigh….

    Now,before you call me a racist/nazi ect. I have left handed friends(trying to cure em)/had a left handed girlfriend/and me mother is a lefty.She in the past would cuff me when I got mouthy(with her left hand of course)and if she saw this post would probably do so again.

    • Eye dominance is far more relevant for long gun shooting than hand dominance. I have seen no scientific studies of this, but I think left eye dominance is vastly more common then left-handedness. I’d guess 3-4x more common.

      I have two kids who are strongly left-eye dominant and I’m glad someone in the industry supports them.


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