The Lowly Pump Shotgun isn’t so Lowly anymore. They are in hot demand


By Luis Valdes

All I’ve heard over the past decade or so is how the age of the Pump Shotgun is over and no one is buying them. The AR-15 has replaced it. People call pump shotguns “fudd guns”, “antiquated”, and “outdated”. Well, the current demand for self defense capable weapons proves that the Pump Shotgun is still in demand. While the AR-15 might have replaced them in police cruisers as the go to long gun. It appears that the common citizen is still quite happy and satisfied with the ever classic 12ga boom stick.

The prices some of these guns have sold for is crazy.

First, let’s look at some Remington 870s. The most I ever paid for a Remington was $400 and I’m sitting on a literal pile of them and they all aren’t Express Models in my safe.

Now lets take a peak at Winchester 1300s. I paid $289 for mine and would see them never break the $300 mark.

Okay, so let’s look at Mossberg offerings. My Shockwave was under $300 new.

Okay, the 590 line is always a little pricier than the 500. But I remember seeing a 20″ Model 590 with bayonet lug and heat shield for under $330 new. So let’s look at the 500 line.

These prices are crazy for a 500; and one of them is used. I remember usually seeing them for for about $300 a pop. Okay, what about the Maverick 88 line you say. Surely that isn’t crazy right?

Mossberg’s bargin basement 88 series is selling easily twice to three times their value. I remember buying these guns new for under $200. Okay, last one to look at is Browning BPS. I was only able to find one that recently sold. They made two versions of it in a self defense package. The 20″ High Capacity model and a 18″ barreled riot model. I have the 20″ model and paid $250 for mine.

So what is the lesson from the current panic? A firearm is better than no firearm and a pump action shotgun is still viable and in demand. The gun buying public wants something to defend themselves and 00 Buck or 12ga Slug is still a fine means to self defense and the pump action shotgun is still a capable platform of sending 1oz lumps of lead downrange with love and care.

Even Joe Biden endorses ’em.


  1. Gunbroker is an ecosystem all of its own. GB prices must be understood to reflect shill bidders and fake bidders (to artificially establish market norms). Then factor in usual auction psychology (retards and egotists). A Ruger Wrangler could sell there for $500.


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