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“Only Cops Should Have Guns!”

HILLIARD, Ohio (WCMH) — Hilliard police responded to a report of a deputy leaving a loaded handgun in the bathroom of a Target store Thursday morning.

The incident was reported around 11:22 a.m. Thursday at the Target on Trueman Blvd in Hilliard, near Mill Run.

The caller told Hilliard police a Sig P226 handgun on a gun belt was looped around a handle in the family bathroom of the store. Police said the handgun was loaded with one round in the chamber and a full magazine.


Hilliard police identified the handgun as belonging to a Franklin County deputy. It was turned over to the sheriff’s office a short time later.

According to the sheriff’s office, the deputy immediately self-reported after realizing what happened.

The incident is under administrative investigation by the sheriff’s office. The deputy has not been placed on leave. Discipline could range from a reprimand to a suspension.

5 thoughts on ““Only Cops Should Have Guns!””

  1. Why do I never find handguns for free in the bathroom dammit!

    You must have had to have one hell of a bowel movement or long awaited pee to feel so relieved as to leave your firearm behind.

  2. I have never, ever understood how someone can become so complacent about a weapon that they leave it behind in a bathroom stall. Just the lack of mass on your person should tell you “something is missing…”


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