Custom Krag


This is a neat old rifle. The owner’s Grandfather had this .30-40 Krag nicely sporterized. Optic is a vintage Weaver I beleive to be a 6x based on it’s size. This is the only Krag I ever saw sporterized that looks like it was done with skill and not by some retardate in his backyard.


  1. The Krag is an interesting rifle in the custom rifle market. There are more quality sporterizing jobs done on them that most people realize, mostly because the people who pay for the level of work I’m talking about don’t turn them loose.

    The downside is that they’re an action for only lower-pressure cartridges or loadings. The bolt has only one lug, and then the safety offered by the bold handle being held in a notch behind the working part of the action.

    They can be made into very slick, fast-cycling little rifles.


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