Night Vision Hog Slaughter


Yea two videos in a row today. Sorry about that. The Buckey O’Neill article that 3 people will read tops, took a lot of time and effort so I am gonna take it easy for the rest of the day. This video is pretty entertaining. These guys use about every NOD you can get and shoot wild pigs at night and it is so much fun to watch that it’s hard to believe.


    • Yes, the O’Neill article was also much appreciated.

      Years ago, Precision Shooting published a photo of O’Neill bent over a desk with a holstered Colt revolver hanging on the wall behind him. I very much miss Precision Shooting magazine. I suppose places like Sniper’s Hide and Accurate Shooter may take up the slack for some folks, but for me, just not the same.

  1. Good video. Hope the hogs got harvested and eaten by hungry folks. Am 84 and years ago had an old lady who would give a big hug when i brought her a couple of fat Ohio woodchucks. She skinned and cleaned and made the best pot stew. Year ago we ate what we hunted.


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