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That’s right you read that correctly. In the Big Apple guns are pretty much completely banned and illegal. Unless you are one of the ruling elite or celebrity class, then you can get a permit. So unless you are police , and now even them being armed is looking sketchy as the communists in charge of the city try to make the police illegal, then you aren’t getting a gun. Well.. unless you are a criminal of course.


17 Police inspect evidence at the scene of a shooting near 2055 Rockaway Parkway in Brooklyn.

Wayne Carrington

At least 17 people were shot in New York City on Monday — a tally that would be considered high for a weekend day, but is “astronomical” for early in the week, law enforcement sources said.

No borough was spared from the gunplay, but Brooklyn saw the most violence with 10 shooting incidents and a total of 12 victims, sources said.

“Those numbers would be high for a Friday or Saturday, but for a Monday they are astronomical,” said one high-ranking Brooklyn cop.

Seven of those shot in Brooklyn, including a 20-year-old man who was fatally blasted, were hit in five separate incidents in the borough’s 69th Precinct, which covers the Canarsie neighborhood, according to police and sources.

Monday’s bloodshed followed a recent 15-hour stretch from midday Saturday into Sunday where another 15 people were shot in the Big Apple.

Good thing the average citizen in NYC can’t own a gun huh? Then things could really be bad. Hopefully with luck Cum-o will pass a law to make murdering people illegal so this carnage will end.


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