Personal Defense FORCE X2 Shotgun Loads From Federal


“Federal’s splitting buckshot is the first significant change to buckshot ammo in over a century,” said Federal Ammunition Shotshell Product Manager Dan Compton. “This new self-defense shotgun load is designed for tremendous energy transfer for a wider and larger amount of terminal damage.”

The design of the Force X2, which uses nine pellets engineered to split into two pieces on impact, promises to create up to 18 wound channels. This in turn reportedly improves the transfer of energy from the payload to the target and minimizes the potential for over-penetration reducing the risk to bystanders. Best of all, the shell is loaded for a more manageable recoil, allowing for faster follow-up shots and better accuracy.


  1. Sooo…Federal was having trouble getting enough .33″ lead shot, and realized that there is lots of it available for the fishing market…so they bought a few dozen tons of split weights, threw them in the copper wash tank, and called it a “newly designed projectile”? Neat.

  2. So what’s the advantage vs a small shot like #4 buck? Perhaps lesser shot spread since fewer projectiles?

    Halving the profile means one face will have the diameter of a B/BB shot, while the other 00 buck, so greater penetration w/ former and less with the latter, meaning more inconsistency.

    By weight and projectile #s, you’re basically @ #3 buck.

    Curious about the price point… But seems gimmicky — and certainly you’re paying extra for the copper-washed coating that’s on the box photo.


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