Some More Bubba Gunsmithing


I would love to meet the man who thought this was a good idea and ask him what he was thinking.


  1. Benchrest for someone with a handicap and very low budget…?

    Lay you long odds that’s an Arisaka with an intact ‘mum, and/or some rare variant. Things like that don’t seem to happen to bog-standard junkers. For some damn reason, anyway.

    Friend of mine was supposed to inherit an Arisaka his grand-dad brought back from the war; damn thing hadn’t even been issued, and was pre-WWII manufacture–Dad got it out of a captured depot, or something. From pictures he had, we figured out that it was one of the upper-tier rare variants, and worth some decent chunk of money to the right collector. Tragedy? While he was overseas with me, grand-dad died, and grand-ma let one of his dope-addict uncles rifle grand-dads memorabilia, which also included some really nice (and, sadly, uninspected for value/provenance…) “Japanese swords”. The Arisaka got sold/traded/given to the local dopers, and when my friend got it back, they had sawn the poor thing down to use as some kind of Obrazets deal. The swords were never seen again, which was a real loss–Pictures suggested they were likely to be fairly valuable, grand-ma needing money to live on. Grand-pa had a good eye for loot, during the war. Too bad his wife wasn’t more on the ball–If we were right about what was there, her widowhood would have been a lot more comfortable.

    • I’ve seen more than a couple of older women, widowed, who showed no interest in what their husbands were buying in the way of guns, tools, knives, etc – allow his collection(s) to go for dimes on the dollar.

      At first, I felt sorry for these women. But then after having talked with several of them here in Wyoming (after the fact of them ditching collections to the wind), I can longer muster any sympathy. If they cannot be troubled to learn what their husbands had collected, and instead turn up their little wrinkled noses because it’s “all that gun/tool stuff” and they can’t care enough about these collections to get them appraised or bought competently because they, deep down, never approved of their husband’s hobby/hobbies… my sympathy is utterly gone.

  2. I mean, how many times have I been out in the field without my 10mm wrench and needed to field strip a Civic? This would be perfect!


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