Colt Competition Series 70 M1911


I finally got myself one of the new series 70 Competition models and boy am I impressed. These are really nice. First off it comes with the Colt branded VZ grips that are always very nice and a left side extended thumb safety which I beleive to be a Wilson Combat part. It also has the Novak combat sight that is adjustable. I am a big fan of Novak sights.

Front sight is the fiber optic. I’m not crazy about that but that is easy to replace. I liked it for shooting but I’m not a believer in using them for daily carry.

It has a stainless National Match barrel.

I was pleased to see a nice full bevel on the mag well. In the past Colt did a weird semi bevel that did not go the full length of each side. No idea why they did that.

The frame has the cut to give a higher grip which I like a lot.

The trigger is already nice since it’s a 1911 trigger. Even better since it is a series 70 fire control and better yet, it feels like it’s been tuned a little bit to be a match trigger. Make’s sense, the gun is called the Competition Series 70.

So how does it shoot?

Very good so far. That’s about as good as I can do in 98 degree sun and 88 percent humidity. It was hot.

Next target is 50 yards VERY slow fire off hand with 8 rounds .

I have no excuse nor explanation on why I shot to the left.

The 100 yard group at a man shaped target because some of you want to know.

That was shot off a bench and bags. This was my first try and I have to admit that group being that tight was more luck than skill even though I did use match ammo.

I felt cocky and shot at the head from 100 after that. I fired two 8 round mags at just the head off the bench from 100 yards. Not a high success rate but hey, its 100 yards with a .45ACP pistol I haven’t even owned 24 hours yet what else do you want from me?

I will probably do a part 2 for this after I get used to the gun and shoot it a lot more. At this point though, if I had to recommend a first 1911 for some one I would have to advise some one to buy one of these. I’d suggest swapping the front sight for a normal Novak combat front sight but otherwise this thing is a real honey.


  1. Not California Legal, no Colt 1911’s are.
    I am on good terms with a local cop who might be willing to buy one and resell it to me for a moderate profit…
    Or I could settle for an RIA 1911…

  2. Looks like a good day at the range. My skills don’t justify buying a pistol that capable yet. Good to see someone out there showing what that one can do.

    Shot a good group out of the bargain brand iron sighted AR, so at least that’s zeroed. That one’s slated for guests.

  3. That looks like a nice piece. I wouldn’t kick that one out of the safe, either. Nor the K-22 on the other post. I would love to have one of those or a 617.

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