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A Boy And His Rifle Part VIII

I love doing this series. Last night I posted the request in a small facebook group I belong to run by, Stuart ( thevintage1911.com) I asked for pictures of everyone’s first rifle. Some are still gathering pictures so I will have to spread it out over a few days but I am going to share a few today.

Remington 511 Scoremaster my dad got in about 1970, pretty roached. Became mine as a teen. Last year I did a full restoration on it and gave it back to him for Father’s Day.“-Kyle

Don – 1966ish Sears single shot .22 rimfire.

Kevin- My Father’s Daisy model 25. Bought in the late 30s. He used to take me to the range ( garage) and cock it, hand it to me,and he would cock it again. best memories ever.

Joe- My Dad’s 1913 production Ithaca 12 gauge. I had it repaired and refinished in the mid 70s.

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