Vietnam War Army Sniper Equipment


Above is a section from the Vietnam era sniper training manual the Army used. You can see the Army’s suggested equipment for an Army sniper team. It’s very doubtful that all of that was carried on missions. There is no way sniper teams in the jungle carried the bayonet or the E-tool.

Below are some unauthorized local made patches that some of the division snipers had made.


  1. The rifle fork is an interesting piece of kit. Kind of a take on the Brit use of the Hawkins position. Not as steady as a bipod but still good support.

  2. The radio looks like an AN/PRC-25 aka the Prick-25. I carried one of this fcking things for a year and 35 years later my hatred for it still know no bounds. Heavy as a bag of lead and shouting a was more effective means of comes.


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