US Army Releases Photos of Next Generation Squad Weapons & Fire Control Optics


Oh Boy! PEO Soldier’s Program Manager Next Generation Squad Weapons has released photos of the latest tax payer money wasting versions of the 3 candidate systems for Rifle and Automatic Rifle and the two proposed Fire Control Systems.

These are the YUGE advances in weapons development that are supposedly going to replace the M4 and M249 SAW as we all have heard. They fire the new 6.8 Razzle-Dazzle that is so great that no one else has anything like it. Which also means the Army and gov loves the idea that it will be a service round not be available for us peons. The new round is supposed to perform like the .270 WSM. Snicker.. Giving the Army OVERMATCH! A nebulous term that means about anything the Army wants it to mean depending on how much money they are about to milk from us.

They also released some images of the new souper douper SWISS army knife optics that will make aiming and marksmanship something only chumps or cave men will bother to learn.

Specifically, NGSW-FC is intended to increase the Soldier’s ability to rapidly engage man sized targets out to 600m or greater while maintaining the ability to conduct Close Quarters Battle. This objective is achieved by leveraging technologies to calculate and display a disturbed reticle to the User.

Word is the average soldiers will be able to leverage the overmatch with cutting edge optical sighting systems to aggressively engage armor plated Russian forces with greater lethality at ranges beyond the stratosphere while better being able to meet the requirements of the 360 degree non-linear elastic battlefield going into the 21st century while decreasing the burden placed on he/her/they/ them.


  1. It will all go away in the budget cuts that’re coming to pay for all the COVID-19 crap.

    Milley is a delusional, vapid moron whose ideas about what is going on in modern combat are comparative to those of equally idiotic types like Crozier and Studler. Once he retires, this program is going to evaporate like the wind, and we’ll likely be stuck on the current small arms fleet until it is entirely untenable–About the time we start issuing gauss rifles and such-like.

  2. “NGSW-FC is intended to increase the Soldier’s ability to rapidly engage man sized targets out to 600m or greater…”

    You mean like a Springfield 1903/03A3 or a Garand?

    Oh, OK. Well, why not go back to those platforms?


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