Hate Mail ! 7-7-2020

Colt Boy, Do you even try to come up with original articles, or do you just copy and paste everything from AR15.com? Holy fuck, you pathetic fucking loser. No wonder your rich eating girlfriend fucking left you. Between this, your gay ass YouTube videos and your comic book reviews, you have to be the biggest loser I have ever seen. Pike County must be so proud of you.

Mr. LOL commented on the Korea war guns article. He seems to have me mixed with some one else as I have never done comic book reviews nor do I have a youtube channel of note. It is pretty lame though since it’s videos of beavers, friends shooting and footage from SHOT and NRA shows . Pretty sure he meant to say “rice eating girlfriend” as a racial slur on my ex GF from Vietnam who had to leave when her student visa ran out 10 years ago . I can tell that I must have really twisted his panties on B-ARFCOM at some point though and I am pretty sure I know who he is. Looks like he has something to do with https://www.tgstactical.com/ according to his email address which he stupidly used.


  1. I just wonder how people can spew shit like that sometimes. I really like emails I get from this site most of the time.

  2. Awesome,been awhile since “hate mail”!

    I wonder if this was done just in jest or guy really just losing it.

    Given the virus/sjw’s/all the insanity figure a few are starting to lose it.

    I didn’t worry about virus till suddenly Boars Head Oven Gold turkey was not available,then,I knew the shit was getting serious!

    I am happy to say at moment is now available again,for the time,sleeping well!

    • no he is serious. I made him mad on ARFCOCM a few months ago. Maybe he will comeback and tell us about how he is high up in Daddy’s company


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