New York City Suffers Highest Number Of June Shootings In Over 20 Years


Who could have possibly seen this coming?! More guns laws should be passed!

Authored by Alex Nitzberg via,

The New York Post reported that during a certain period of time following the New York City Police Department’s move to break up a plainclothes unit of approximately 600 officers on June 15, the amount of shootings was about three times greater than during the same time period in 2019.

And more shootings occurred in June 2020 than in any June since 1996, the New York Post reported, citing the New York City Police Department.

Officers from the disbanded unit were to be reassigned, the outlet previously reported.

“Without having this tool it will be much harder to tackle rising felony crimes, ‘shots fired’ jobs and the growing number of illegal guns pouring into the neighborhoods,” NYPD Sgt. Joseph Imperatrice, a former unit supervisor said according to the Post.

Commissioner Dermot Shea during a recent interview was asked about the reason for high crime levels.

“It’s bail reform. It’s COVID. It’s emptying out prisons,” he said, noting that “one of the most frustrating pieces right now is a criminal justice system that is just not working. And I’m calling on Albany to fix it. Fix it now.” 

“I met with the five district attorneys of New York City last week on this issue. We have thousands and thousands of cases backlogged,” Shea said during the interview.

President Trump on Sunday called out the cities of Chicago and New York for their high shooting numbers, and said that the federal government stands ready to assist if leaders ask for help.

Yea, that will fix it Trump, the federal gov getting involved always makes things better.


  1. Trump could threaten to reduce the free money to cities that don’t get thier numbers down, that would suck for the dems, they all want to defund the police But Not if it’s his idea.

  2. Due to the nature of our government, there isn’t really an awful lot that the President can do about local law enforcement. If it gets bad enough, then he can implement some things that might help, but it pretty much comes down to the local governments.

    There are a couple of flaws in our Constitution, to my mind: One, Congress has no enforcement power whatsoever, nor does the Judicial branch. They want someone arrested and/or held? They gotta go get the Executive to do it. And, while that has some points, when you’re dealing with situations like the one we’re in right now, it’s awfully damn hard to make things right. Holder should have been arrested in his office by Congressional enforcement, and made to answer for his crimes. Since he controlled the enforcers, guess what? Thumbed his nose at Congress, and went merrily on his way.

    The other thing we’re lacking is a good mechanism for what to do when local governments fail. There should have been a provision made for such things, like if a state government goes bankrupt, the area reverts to a Territory governed by the Federal government.

    You also need recourse when, as in Seattle, the local government refuses to provide the services paid for by the taxpayer, like law enforcement, or fails to administer it fairly. At the least, every single resident inside the former CHOP needs to have forgiveness on their taxes from the city and state for the next five years, in order to compensate for recovery from the state-allowed and supported anarchy.

    Government ought to be on a contract basis; fail to provide promised services? I don’t owe your sorry ass taxes, then…

    • The Constitution states that the FedGov will ensure each state has a republican form of government. IMHO, CHAZ and its subsidiaries violate that clause. But the likelihood of Trump getting a ruling in his favor on that from the Roberts court is 0.

      This kind of mayhem is seen as a win/win for the Left. They downplay it on the nightly news (their propaganda arm) while it terrorizes the middle class. If someone like a governor or Trump actually does something about it, then the Left gets to pretend that the cops are all Nazis for cracking down on “mostly peaceful protestors.” The Left’s good cop/bad cop routine (pardon the expression) makes sure that the peaceful people are at the front of the line getting tear gassed and getting their fillings knocked out, while the people throwing rocks and bricks are far enough from the front line that there’s no footage of the cops knocking the heads of people throwing bricks. And if there is any, it all hits the cutting room floor before the Boomers see it on the 7:00 news.

      So Trump is in a bad spot. As much as I’d like to see the 82nd Airborne knocking some sense into some people at 3000 fps, I think we may have to settle for the FBI arresting some of the statue busters and hoping that a silent majority carries Trump to victory again in November.

      And then the party REALLY starts.

      • I suspect that what we’re witnessing now is nothing compared to what comes next, if Trump wins. The “protests” have got to have a massive infrastructure and finance architecture behind them, organizational depth you can’t even conceive. Unless the NSA and others are monitoring and ready to dismantle it all, the Republic is done for.

        I’m convinced that the so-called “Deep State” is colluding with the people behind the protests, and doing nothing to prevent what’s going on. The FBI should have thoroughly infiltrated and penetrated these Antifa/Black Bloc types already, and know exactly what’s going on. God knows they’ve done that to most of the Islamists, but then again, the leftoids may be smart enough to avoid all the things that the FBI does with those clowns.

        Hard to say what is really going on, too… I’m halfway convinced that much of this is theater, and it’s entirely possible that Trump isn’t doing anything because he wants to scare the “Silent Majority” into voting for his re-election. At the same time, I’m wondering who the hell is behind the protests (Soros? Bathhouse Barry? China?), and wondering where their fake-ass saviour-messiah is. It ain’t Biden–So, who is he the stalking horse for? Who is it that is going to step up and come out of the shadows to “save us all”?

        I really find it hard to believe that the Democrats are so incompetent that Biden is going to be their man for confronting Trump. If he’s actually nominated, and then they let him debate Trump, that’s going to be a moment of surreality that I’m not sure I’ll be able to encompass. I still have a feeling that all of this is some insane sleight-of-hand display, and that when the great unmasking happens, we’re going to find out that the whole thing is a vast con job run by the actual lizard-people who’ve taken things over behind the scenes.

        At the rate things are going, that’s a scenario that’s going to make more fucking sense than the actual reality of it all. What the fuck are these idiots thinking? I mean, it’s ridiculous enough that Trump got elected in the first place, and entirely insane that that fucking clown-shoes showman has done a better job than anyone could have conceived (and, is still doing it…), or that the Democrats searched their entire party and went with the non-entity that is Biden in order to run against him… Literally, these aren’t even the Crazy Years–These are actually the “Gone Past Madness and Into Incomprehensible Insanity Years”.

        Biden? Trump? These are the choices? The best we have to offer up, as Presidential timber? WTF?

        I don’t know what’s more unbelievable, actually: Trump doing as good a job as he has/is doing, or that they’d run Biden up against him. First time around, I voted against Hillary by voting for Trump; this time around, I’m incredulous that I’m going to still be voting for him based on his performance so far, and against Biden. I can’t quite help thinking that we’re in some Kang vs. Kodos situation, though, and that after the election, the lizard people are going to unmask…

        Fucking bizarro-world we’re living in, man… I can’t quite wrap my head around this being a reality I’m living through. Did they destroy the world with the super-collider, and we’ve been shunted off into some dystopic warped reality where all this makes sense?

        I mean, seriously, folks: Donald J. Trump as the Saviour of the Republic (TM)? What. The. Actual. Fuck? If you’d have told me that at any point prior to about 2015, I’d have happily testified at your committal hearing, and strongly recommended you be kept in a rubber room, wearing a straight-jacket for life. If you’d have come to me with that prediction as recently as the early 2000’s, I’d have fired your ass and had you blackballed from any position of responsibility in the forecasting industry. If you’d have come to me as a time-traveler, telling me the exact details of what’s happened since about 2007, I’d have laughed you out of my office when you started off with the bare outlines of the years between then and now. Clown shoes–That’s zeitgeist of this era, worn by everyone. This timeline doesn’t even pass muster as the ravings of a schizoid eight year-old, in terms of what is going on.

        • I strongly agree with your sentiments, Kirk. Hillary, Trump, Biden? These are the best that the America of Eisenhower and Teddy Roosevelt has to offer?

          As for the Lizard People: Here’s the math I’ve done: this is the second election in a row where the media and the DNC have foisted a candidate with -significant- health problems on the American people. Put that together with what we’ve learned about the Deep State since Trump’s election. The President isn’t in charge of the executive branch in any meaningful way, and the bureaucracy/Deep State/DNC prefer a mostly dead candidate that they can prop up in the Oval Office, Weekend at Bernie’s-style rather than someone who is going to think/act like he’s in charge. Biden is going to be dribbling his oatmeal out of the corner of his mouth (in the unlikely event he’s elected). Hillary would have been running around enriching herself and her family, but not otherwise interfering with the people in charge. Obama was an empty suit who could reliably be led to do what they wanted. (Remember how he was going to end the wars, stop NSA spying and close down Gitmo? The Deep State made sure that didn’t happen.) Bush, likewise, could be led in the right direction at least 75% of the time.

          I think a large percentage of the insanity of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Russia Russia Russia, impeachment, etc just comes down to the fact that the Deep State hates working with a guy who thinks he’s in charge.

          And for the lulz: The Biden campaign is seriously considering Kamala Harris as a VP candidate. I’m old enough to remember Kamala Harris calling Joe Biden a segregationist on National TV!

        • Oh, I forgot to add that both sides are doing battlespace prep for claiming the election is rigged when they lose it.

          Team Red will blame it on mail-in ballot fraud, illegal immigrants and the FBI.

          Team Blue will blame voter suppression and Putin.

          Team Blue is emotionally a lot closer to kicking off a Boogaloo in 2020 if they lose, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Team Red get a lot more aggressive with monkeywrenching and a right-wing version of #Resist if Team Blue wins in November.

          Either way, I wouldn’t book my tickets to DC for the USA250 celebration just yet.

          You and I share similar sentiments on the quality of our elite. A halfway sane elite would have come together three years ago to shore up the election system. Any politician’s bowels should turn to water at the thought of this thing going to guns: None of them are gonna make it. But here we are.

  3. DJT seems to be the only person even talking about enforcing the laws right now, dems see anarchy as a feature not a bug and the LOP would rather be the minority party than back the President. Shit is going down hill and none of these assholes is even dragging thier feet To slow it down.


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