Got enough LOP adjustment?


The AR went from a 2 position colapsible stock, to a 3 position, and finally a 4 position for the military. In the civilian world 6 position stocks became standard. Other stocks, like the 8 position UBR Gen 2, offer even more adjustment options.

I remember when I build my first AR15 that I wanted to have as much adjustment as possible in the stock. Now I find it silly that I own a SR25 with a 10 position receiver extension and I only ever use 2 positions of those ten.

Now it certainly not bad to have more stock length options, but I wouldn’t pay a premium for it now.


  1. Something that is not well appreciated in the shooting community is that the current “standard” LOP on rifles is the same as it was about 100 years ago.

    Humans aren’t quite the same size, and we have many more shooting positions and a much greater reliance on optical sights. Optical sights need specific eye relief, and eye relief changes with shooter size, LOP and shooting position. Some positions will naturally put your eye further or closer to an optic, given a fixed-size rifle LOP. It would be handy to adjust the LOP to compensate for that.

    • Good points, DG. I’ll also add that even if a man only uses two stock positions (collapsed and use-to-shoot), he doesn’t know which of the many stock positions he should use until he tries them.

      Having a collapsible stock also makes guns more usable for shooters of varying sizes, including women and children.

      I will grind an axe that I know I’ve ground here before: open sights are going the way of the percussion cap. Why are factory stock combs still almost universally set to open sight height? Why would a manufacturer sell a rifle that doesn’t even have open sights on it with a comb height set for open sights? If I sold $1000 rifles and found out that everyone who buys one has to duct tape a piece of foam to the stock, I think I’d hide in the basement for shame.

      • My complaint would be the long stocks on shotguns.
        IIRC the M93 stock had the option to plug settings you didn’t use, and a quick adjustment. I think I would like to see something like that more often as long as it was simple and wouldn’t fail if it got dirty. E.G. If you use two/three particular positions, you could set up the stock to just adjust to those.
        Anyways, in my post I never meant to imply that I was against collapsible stocks. I just find 10 positions on one needlessly excessive. While it is good, almost necessary to adjust for body armor, cold weather clothing, etc, I think very few would be able to appreciate the granularity of 10 positions. Unless you are being really careful, it is hard to make sure you are consistently using the same positions when you adjust it.

  2. Back in the day I used to add holes in my buffer tubes. Thinking about it I actually use four positions, all the way down for storage, the Second or third hole for use with a pack or body armor, the next for “regular” use and out one more, rarely if I have time for prone precision. I do remember the old Colt two position, or was it three-drilled a bunch of those. I’ve never found a fixed stock length that was useful for everything, although a Sully stock with a Brownells extension was one I used for a long time. An A1 stock is what I used in my formative years and in the Army so I can make do with those but an A2 comes off as soon as I get home with a new gun.


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