S&W Model 52-2


Friend to the website, Ann-Marie picked up a new Model 52-2 and shared these glamour shots.

With her husband’s handloads for the gun, she printed this target from 25 yards.


  1. Tune the handloads and that will shoot better than most people can. The gun shouldn’t need any tweeking, Smith used to make some of the finest guns…

  2. Model 52’s should be capable of a 2″ group at 50 yards off a rest. They are checked for this before they leave the S&W factory.

    The 52-2 was the ultimate of the 52’s. See the extractor on the slide, behind the barrel? That’s unique to the 52-2. The 52 and 52-1 had an extractor that you could see on the exterior of the slide, it was thicker and it went from the ejection port to all the way back to the circular part under the rear sight, behind the slide serrations. It was overly complicated, and it tended to break. The 52-2 is a simple pivoting hook, pushed over the case rim by a coil spring.

    The big difference between the 52 and 52-1 was S&W got rid of the double-action lockwork. There was another change between the 52 and 52-1 that I cannot think of just now.

    They all shoot very well, and are designed to shoot .38 S&W loaded with a 148 grain wadcutter, seated flush with the case mouth. Nice guns.

  3. I used to have a S&W 952, which is a stainless version of the 52 chambered for 9mm.

    It was a gorgeous piece and I adored it, but I could not get it to shoot accurately. I handload, and after about 2 years of trying every combination of powder, brass, projectile and primer I sold it and bought an STI Targetmaster which has proven to be much more accurate, if very finicky.

    Overall, I think semiautos are ok but I much prefer revolvers. Please don’t mock me too much Shawn. 🙂

  4. I had a 39-2. should have been painted YELLOW. the only P.O.J. that was worse was 65-5. BOTH were the worst weapons I ever purchased. Have really NOT trusted my cash on another smith since or for the fact of the matter on a taurus either. Had to take a file to taurus new outa the box to get the cylinder to turn. COLT, SIG, H&K. NO problems EVER, even a TOMCAT.

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