CHOP/CHAZ Ends With A Whimper


After two weeks the summer of love ends. Trump didn’t take the bait and multiple murders don’t look good in election year.

Seattle’s ‘occupied’ protest zone was dismantled Tuesday a day after the second deadly shooting at the camp when its own security shot dead a black teenager.

Demonstrators have occupied several blocks around the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct and a park for about two weeks. Police had abandoned the precinct following clashes with protesters calling for an end to police brutality.

But by Tuesday morning crews were working to pull down the barriers.

‘It is abundantly clear to our detectives people had been in and out of the car after the shooting. We’re not sure who shot at the car or why they shot at the car’, police chief Best added.

‘Detectives searched the Jeep for evidence, but it was clear the crime scene had been disturbed,’ police said in a statement.

tweets with video at the hot link
Deedee Sun @DeedeeKIRO7
Chief Best going over what police know about the latest shooting & murder at #CHOP.
Asking people to remove themselves from this area for the safety of the people.

#BREAKING: Seattle Police just showed here at #CHOP with SDOT.  
Multiple pieces of heavy machinery now moving barricades. And crews are working fast.

#UPDATE: At least a dozen officers here. I’m told to provide support/security for SDOT if protestors give trouble during barricade removal.

Protestors moving everything they can from the area to re-block off 10th and E. Pine. #CHOP

#UPDATE: Seattle Public Utilities just uninstalled a handwashing station next to Cal Anderson park and are removing it.
I’m told it’s part of the effort to try and get folks camped here to leave. More outreach workers coming to #CHOP later today.


  1. I’ve thought for a couple of weeks now that a backhoe with a 4-in-1 bucket (that’s what those front buckets are called: a “4-in-1” bucket. My Case backhoe has one too – they’re fantastically useful. Anyway, you could just storm into CHAZ with a bunch of backhoes with 4-in-1’s and scoop or grab-n-pick the mess of crap that the rioters pulled in there, pivot around and drop it into a dump truck to take to the county landfill. Gimme a dozen backhoes with 4-in-1’s and guys who really know how to run a backhoe, a dozen 10+ yard dump trucks with drivers, and the whole place could be cleaned out in less than a couple of hours.

    • Trump is the worst dictator in the history of dictators. Can you imagine Pinochet or Franco putting up with this CHAZ nonsense?


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