10 Question Interview With Chuck Dixon!


This is a pretty big deal for me personally. I have been reading Chuck’s comics and novels for 35 years. He is one of the defining writers who made the Punisher what most people think of as the character now a days. His list of work is too much for me to put here he is prolific to put it mildly. Oh yeah, he is also the creator of a character in the Batman stories called Bane.

1. You do the medal of honor series of graphic novels for the Army, Can you tell readers how that came about  and how many are in the series?

I’m not sure how AUSA came to find me. But somewhere along the line Joseph Craig, the series editor, was told that I was a comics writer who’d do the homework. Joe provides a lot of the research material to get me started. It’s an honor to work on these and an opportunity for me to learn more about these heroes.-CD

2. Your defining run on the original Punisher Warzone and other Punisher titles is how I was introduced to you. I appreciated your obvious familiarity with weapons in the stories you wrote. Did you do much research to keep Frank using the “state of the art” in weapons at the time? I recall him using 10MM handguns early in the run.

Like most of your readers, I keep up with new developments in firearms and was always on the look out for cutting edge weapons for Frank to use. I remember calling the creator of the first .50 cal sniper rifle on the phone. He worked out of his garage! He was thrilled to have the Punisher use his rifle and sent me a stack of photos for the artist to use. It never felt like research. It was all fun.

3. Can you share any of your personal favorite guns ? Maybe owned or on the bucket list?

My favorite pieces are my Dan Wessons in .44 magnum.

4. Do you have much time these days to go shooting with your schedule?

            Never as much time as I’d like. My sons drag me away from the keyboard now and then. I’d love to find an outdoor range for long range shooting but I live in Florida and it’s so flat! Best I can do is an indoor range with a 100 yard room.

5.For those who may not know about your Levon Cade Novels and Bad Times series, would you recommend them for “gun guys” who like stuff from writers like Stephen Hunter?

            Oh yeah! Levon is an Alabama-bred Punisher type though a lot more grounded in reality than Frank Castle. He uses all kinds of weaponry to great effect on the scum of the Earth. The Bad Times books are even richer for gun porn as it’s a time travel series and I get to write about obscure firearms of the past in addition to modern weaponry. I think of it as my “toy soldier” book where I get to play with stuff like how a five man fire team might do against a century of Roman legionnaires.

6. I’ve often wondered if back during your time working on the Punisher, did the industry, Marvel and coworkers already show signs of being biases against guns or people  openly right wing  as you and Mike Baron?

            I don’t think any of my editors (outside of Larry Hama) were real sure which end of a gun the bullets came out of. Consequently, Mike and I got away with murder as well as some wicked humor by way of Frank Castle’s character. They needed right-wing guys on a character like the Punisher but didn’t know it. ( Larry Hama is a Vietnam Vet and is the man 99 percent responsible for creating the characters from the GI Joe Comic and Cartoon)-LR

7.Our readers may be surprised that you are working on a comic sequel to the Expendables. Can you tell us a little about that ?

            Sly Stallone (he insists I call him Sly) and I were talking about a fourth Expendables movie. He tried to bring me on to help write Expendables 2 but the deal fell apart. But he still called me on 3 and 4 to bounce ideas off me. During one of those conversations he brought up a movie he’d love to make. It was The Expendables Go To Hell in which Barney and Lee and the others die and go to hell where they fight Satan. Obviously, he realized that this would never be greenlit. But I suggested it would make an awesome comic book. A few months later the deal was put together and we funded it through IndieGoGo within days. It’s a 100 page graphic novel with some of the top talents in comics on the art.

8. Back in the day there was a Punisher /Batman crossover, Was that something you pitched or how did that come about?

            I campaigned for that crossover for two years before some editor came up with it as his idea. That’s how it works sometime. I was the only Batman writer also working on Punisher at the same time and so I got the nod. It was a dream project that I enjoyed every moment of.

9.Can you tell us your top 5 favorite “gun “/ shoot’em up  movies?

            Well, The Wild Bunch has to top the list, right?

            A Korean movie called The Good, The Bad and the Weird has more continuous gun action than any other movie I’ve ever seen.

            The original Ah-nold Predator is a great movie for gun battles.

            And, of course, Michael Mann’s Heat.

            Ronin features some terrific firefights along with the last great cinema car chase.

            Let’s make the last a six-shooter with Mystery Road, an Australian flick with the best long-distance gun battle ever put on film.

10.Where can our readers find you on the internet  and your work now?

            There’s chuckdixon.net or they can type my name in on Amazon.

Here is one question that I wanted to ask just for myself.  I’m sure you remember the old  10 issue “Punisher Armory” series. Just about Frank’s guns etc.  Can you imagine marvel ever publishing that now a days?!  I tell people all the time that we will never see that shit reprinted ever again!  Even looking back on it now for the early 90s its a wonder those ever saw the light of day.

            Those were great! Elliott Brown (with Larry Hama’s help) put so much work into those!

Thanks again Chuck.


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