In dark times a hero will rise



  1. That chick’s bizarre weapon handling indicated a complete lack of training and awareness. Finger on trigger, muzzle sweeping her husband et. I was amazed she didn’t accidentally shoot someone.

    I don’t think the dude knew much better either.

    Still, good on ’em. Better than being beaten and robbed.

    Nice house, too.

    • They accomplished step 1: have a gun.

      Having grown up in an older house … they can be beautiful but extremely expensive – not to mention annoying – to maintain. Especially if it was built before standardization of things like, oh, window pane size took hold.

      • I disagree: they accomplished step 1: Have the right mindset.

        There are 40 quadrillion guns in this country, but so far very few of them have been used to stand up to the looters, rioters and pillagers that have overrun our country.

  2. Do a deeper dive on these two… Democrat lawyers, both of ’em. Biden and BLM supporters, as well…

    And, the people they were brandishing weapons at? White, almost 100%.

    These times make for very strange bedfellows, I’m telling ya…

    • I was just about to post some of the same info, Kirk.

      This is hilarious stuff. At first the media was ginning up the “white, right-wing, gun-nut” meme… and then the facts started coming out:

      – registered Democrat
      – has donated to Biden’s campaign
      – supports BLM
      – highly-paid, elite lawyers in their area
      – active in Democratic politics

      Whoops. Karma is a bitch. The press suddenly went mute – it’s as tho their brains vapor-locked and they have no handle on the situation.

      I can see the press now: “Who let failed to get these clowns on the script? Huh? And why didn’t they listen to Biden’s advice about ‘buy a shotgun’? Do you have any idea how stupid we look to all those right-wing gun nuts now?!”

      Why, yes, yes we do.

      • None of that information surprises me. In fact it explains the gun handling. The totality of their gun info probably comes from TV, movies, and left politicians.

      • Well, the old saw is that everyone is conservative regarding the things they know best. In this case, that would be the mansion they’ve been restoring for 30 years.

        But it does tend to reinforce the narrative that the recent unrest is mostly blue tribe-on-blue tribe violence.


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